Biophysics Congress in Madrid (Spain)

As you probably know, next days 20-24th July 2019 will take place the world-wide Biophysics Congress in Madrid (Spain), (

where the biannual European Biophysics Congress organized by EBSA and the triannual International Conference of Biological Physics (ICBP) organized by the Biological branch of IUPAP will converge for first time.

The deadline for early registration at reduced fee has been extended until May 7th, and a call for late abstracts has been opened to allow for additional communications to join the Congress.


The convergence of biologists, chemists, biophysicists and physicists has allowed to assemble a spectacular scientific program with the participation as speakers of first-line biophysicists from all over the world. The Congress will be opened Saturday July 20th, with a Plenary Lecture by sir Gregory Winter from Oxford, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2018. It will be closed Wednesday 24th with a lecture by Prof. Stefan Hell, from the Max-Planck in Göttingen, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2014.

In between, we will have Plenary Lectures by Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (Janelia), Patricia Bassereau (Paris), Gregory Voth (Chicago), Eva Nogales (Berkeley), Julio Fernandez (Columbia), and Madan Rao (Bangalore).


Two additional Plenary Lectures will be delivered by the recent winners of the EBSA Prizes in 2019: 

Prize Avanti/EBSA: Bruno Antonny, Marsella

EBSA Young Investigator Award: Pere Roca-Cusachs, Barcelona


The scientific program will be completed with the best cutting-edge Biophysics today, in symposia that will join talks and posters about: 

Protein Folding

DNA Architecture and Gene Regulation

Biophysics of Cytoskeleton

Trafficking and Signalling

Membrane Structure and Dynamics

Cellular Proliferation

Non-Equilibrium Physics


Biomolecular Simulation

Macromolecular Complexes

Evolutionary Dynamics

Biophysics of Membrane Oxidation

Protein Structure and Function

Gene Network Dynamics and Signalling

New Frontiers in Bioimaging

Cell Membrane Biophysics

Mechanisms of Membrane Proteins

Single Molecule Biophysics

Biophysics of Immune Response

Live Imaging and Optical Microscopy

Active Matter and Biological Self-Organization

Ionic Liquids and Biomolecules

Lipid and Lipidome

Big Data in Biophysics

Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Biological Systems

Molecular Motors

Tissue Biophysics and Morphogenesis

The Congress will be also supported by the Biophysical Society, which will award Prizes to the best poster communications.


We are looking forward to having you all at the EBSA-IUPAP Congress Madrid 2019!

Jesus Perez-Gil, Chair of the Organizing Committee

Jesus Perez-Gil
Dept. Bioquimica y Biologia Molecular
Fac. Biologia, Universidad Complutense
28040 Madrid, Spain
Ph: +34 91 3944994
Fax: +34 91 3944672