BIOPM joins DutchBiophysics meeting 2015

Monday 28 September 2015, De Koningshof, Veldhoven.

The board of the Society for Biophyiscs and Biomedical Technology (BIOPM) has decided to join DutchBiophysics, the very successful annual meeting on molecular and cellular biophysics, microscopy and, new from this year, biomedical engineering. The meeting consists of plenary sessions, with invited presentations by (inter)national speakers, and specialized, parallel oral and poster sessions. The total meeting will last for two days, Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September. Two dedicated biomedical engineering sessions will take place on Monday.

At this meeting, BIOPM will award the biannual PhD thesis prize and poster prizes. For BIOPM and its members DutchBiophysics will replace the Day of Biophysics and Biomedical Technology.

In April, further details about the program and a call for abstracts will be announced and the registration site will open. Further information will appear on this site.